Welcome to my bonsai blog!

Welcome to my bonsai blog!

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"And the LORD God made ... trees that were pleasing to the eye ..." Gen. 2:9, New International Version.

"Bonsai isn't just something I do; it's part of what I am." Remark to my wife and daughter.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Like being there again

Back in August, I participated in Ryan Neill's Exhibit Critique at the 2011 Mid-America Bonsai Show in Chicago. Exhibit critiques are usually very valuable investments of time and money, and this one was no exception.

I just finished re-participating, if you will, in part of the critique, thanks to the video clips that Paul Stokes took and has posted on his "ofBonsai" website. It was very worthwhile. Reviewing one's written notes is valuable (if the notes are good,) and I took plenty. But watching Paul's videos let me see the trees again, hear Ryan's comments in direct association with the images, and catch nuances that maybe got by me the the first time. Well worth the time!

To enjoy these clips for yourself, go to: http://ofbonsai.org/galleries/videos/ryan-neil-exhibit-critique-midwest-bonsai-society-fall-2011-show-1. And if you find the clips interesting, please leave a "Thank you" for Paul.
:-)  :-)  :-)

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