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"And the LORD God made ... trees that were pleasing to the eye ..." Gen. 2:9, New International Version.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mid-America Show 2012, Part 3. Some Other Fine Trees.

     Not all of my pictures from this year's Mid-America Show came out poorly. (For which I'm thankful.) Here are pictures of some of the trees in the display, along with a brief comment on each one.

(If I don't name the owner or artist, it means I don't know the name(s). If you do know, please drop me a comment.)

First, this Ficus microcarpa gets my personal award for "Tree I Would Most Have Wanted to Steal!" With that vast crown and the aerial roots, I can easily imagine it growing wild somewhere in the tropics.

Ficus microcarpa, upright banyan style. Dave Lowman, owner and artist.

This next picture was taken thru glass, which is the source of the blue reflection.

Chrysanthemum spp, semi-cascade.

Pinus thunbergii, informal upright with bunjin variation.
I don't know who owns or styled this Japanese black pine, but it's very well designed.

Next picture: this veldt fig definitely has unusual aboveground roots!
Ficus burtt-davyi, upright with neagari (exposed root.)

There's an impression of strength in this willow-leaf fig.

Ficus salicaria, informal upright/twin trunk.

This is a creative way to deal with a lopsided nebari!

Buxus spp, informal upright.

This picture is not as good as I wish it were, but as a ponderosa pine enthusiast I can hardly omit it!

Pinus ponderosa, slanting with shari.
Portulacaria afra (variegated,) full cascade.
The color and texture of the pot harmonize excellently well with this elephant bush.

Next, another picture taken thru glass. I think this sweet little shimpaku is an 'Itoigawa.' (There is still some debate about the nomenclature of shimpaku juniper.)
Juniperus chinensis var. 'Shimpaku,' semi-cascade.

Ground-level view of a boxwood grove; I can imagine hobbits looking for mushrooms!

Buxus microphylla 'Kingsville,' grove planting.

A very realistic windswept.

Juniperus spp., slanting windswept.

Finally, I leave you with a bonsai that belongs to the Chicago Botanic Garden and is part of its permanent collection. It's a collected limber pine; the placard just says it's "hundreds of years old."

Pinus flexilis, formal upright.

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  1. Great pictures! I especially like the first one of the ficus banyan.

    1. Thanks! That tree was even better in person. (They all were.) I found Dave Lowman later and told him it was "worth stealing." He laughed, of course.

  2. Excellent Pics !!! If you have a full view photo of the Kingsville box "grove", I'd certainly like to see it.

    1. Thanks, Mills; glad you like them!
      No, I don't have a picture of the full boxwood grove, sorry. However, an article on the show will appear in the next issue of the American Bonsai Society "Journal," and I know a lot of pictures were taken for that. There may well be one of that grove.